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What ever your gunsmithing and machining  needs:  Best muzzle break, Shotgun sight, Auto Ordnance and Thompson guns bluing, double barrel guns, gun parts, CNC machining, tools, black powder, muzzle loader, rifle, pistol, shotgun, Tom Hanson Las Cruces Gunsmith is the answer.



  •     Gunsmith Services

    1976 graduate of Colorado School of Trades,  with over 30 years experience in guns and gunsmithing. All phases of custom and general gunsmith service.

  •     Bluing Services

    Polishing and surface restoration followed by either hot blue, or rust blue

  •     Custom  CNC Machining

    Tormach CNC milling center  and CNC Masters 1440 turning center provide capabilities  to make individual parts and production machining.

  •     Cad/Cam

    Powerful U.S. design program that has 2 and 3D engineering and machine code processing features to provide state-of-the-art capabilities. 

  •    Products

    LCGS22-50V - The Recoil Tamers  Muzzle Breaks.

    Tactical Shotgun Sight

    Patented removable sight for the Remington 870
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